The Wang Lab is interested in the homeostatic regulation of metabolism-related physiology and behavior. Our current research focuses on dissecting the neural circuitry of the anterior hypothalamus in rodents, with two major research focuses: 1) control of body temperature mediated by the preoptic area, and 2) the circadian clock mediated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Our long-term goal is to establish a mechanistic understanding of mammalian hibernation and its potential application in clinic.

Research in the Wang Lab is oriented around scientific questions, but not specific techniques. Modern neuroscience research benefits from the integration of multidisciplinary approaches; we thus employ a diverse set of experimental strategies in our research programs, including but not limited to electrophysiology, real-time imaging, optogenetics, neuronal tracing, single-cell RNA-seq, mass-spec, and animal behavior analysis. We are also actively involved in developing novel technologies for neuroscience research.

The research projects in the Wang Lab at CIBR is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.